ELIGIBILITY Home-delivered food service is provided throughout the northern Virginia area by various organizations. Meals on Wheels of Northern Virginia, Inc. (MOW) serves only residents of Arlington County, Virginia. To be eligible for MOW service, a person:

  • Should reside in Arlington County, Virginia.
  • Should be homebound or incapable of procuring or preparing meals for themselves.
  • Should not have substantial assistance (family, domestic help, etc.) present in the home on a regular daytime basis.
  • Should not reside in a facility that offers congregate food service.
A person's ability or inability to pay the full cost of MOW service has no bearing on eligibility.

SERVICE MOW home-delivered food service is normally for a full week, Monday through Friday. Exceptions are:

  • MOW service for established clients may start or stop midweek in the case of hospitalization/discharge.
  • MOW does not deliver on three days: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
  • MOW does not deliver during inclement weather (usually signaled by the closing of Arlington County schools and may be confirmed by contacting the MOW answering service at 703-522-0811). See SNOW
Meals are delivered to each client about noon. A delivery consists of a hot meal and a sandwich supper, each accompanied by milk or juice.

POLICIES Deliveries are normally made to our clients or to a caregiver/family member in their home. We will not deliver in homes where there is an unrestrained pet. Per Virginia state policy, meals may not be left unattended outside the home of clients whose MOW service is subsidized with state funds. Meals may be left outside the homes of clients whose service is not state-subsized when a sturdy insulated container is provided for that purpose. Meals that cannot be delivered are returned to MOW. Clients will be charged for undelivered meals.

COST MOW expects each client to pay an amount towards the cost of service. The amount varies from the full cost of the food to a nominal amount, depending on the ability of the client to pay.

  • For clients with an adequate income, the cost is the amount that MOW pays for the food, that is, $49.00 for a week's service or $206.00 for a month's service.
  • For other clients, with the assistance of a social worker, a weekly or a monthly amount is established that the client can afford. Since the amount is less than the cost, the balance is subsidized with state and/or MOW funds.
In all cases, pre-payment is expected. "Weekly" clients pay each Friday for the next week's service. "Monthly" clients pay the first of each month for the month's service.

APPLICATION MOW service is initiated by phoning 703-522-0811, an answering service that expects the caller to leave information on a recorder. The caller (perhaps a social worker, a medical professional, a friend or the prospective client) should identify themselves and provide the following information about the prospective client: name, address, phone number and date of birth. The call will be returned in order to establish eligibility of the prospective client and to answer questions. Then, MOW will transfer the prospective client's information to an area coordinator who will set up service for the new client.

CHANGES To temporarily suspend or to cancel service, a client should phone 703-522-0811 48 hours in advance where possible, and leave instructions on the recorder. To reinstate temporarily suspended service, a client should phone 703-522-0811 and leave instructions on the recorder.

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